• Daniel & Lois Shirk
  • Newburg, PA

Pecan Meadow Farm is a small, 200-acre, diversified family farm specializing in 100% grass fed cattle, sheep, and goats. We raise pastured chickens, ducks, and geese for meat, as well as eggs and also guinea fowl, turkeys, and rabbits. We keep our animals healthy without the use of antibiotics and we never give synthetic hormones. Although we are not certified organic, we feed the poultry organic grains (which are non-GMO) and we use natural and organic products on our soil, crops and animals. The family has been in farming their entire lives.

PRODUCTS: Piedmontese-crossed cattle – Grass-fed Beef, Grass-fed Lamb, Chicken, Duck, French Guinea Fowl, White Chinese geese, Narragansett Turkey, Rabbits, Soy-free Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs, and Goose Eggs (some products are seasonal).