Farm Partners

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The benefits of partnering with Meadow Creek Organics are:

  1. Improving the viability of farming as a business by providing additional “farmer’s market” opportunity without taking time away from the farm and the associated expenses.
  2. Valuable education, marketing, and promotion of organics to a broad range of consumers and professions utilizing online resources and all social media outlets.
  3. Ability to anticipate growth on a yearly basis.
  4. Ability to benefit from tracking of consumer trends in purchasing products for planning the next season.
  5. Feature articles on web page with farmer profiles to “meet the farmer.”
  6. Being a part of a growing sector of health and wellness interests.
  7. A percentage of all sales at Meadow Creek Organics will be donated to non-profits who support organic farming, regional food system improvements, and hunger initiatives.

What Sets us Apart?

We are eliminating the roadblocks that have been mentioned as reasons not to try organics or join a CSA. Common responses to the question, “Why do you NOT purchase organics?” was that it was difficult to get to the farmer’s market the one day it was open or they did not understand the difference between conventional and organic farming. Additionally, in answer to the question, “Why do you NOT purchase a CSA share?”, the answer was more related to the lack of choices available. By combining an online virtual farmer’s market where the consumer selects the products and they are delivered to them at their home or place of business, we are meeting them where they are. With the rise in interest in health and wellness, the opportunities for education and participation are significantly increased. MCO has very strong networking connections that create a winning environment for success for farmers participating.