This journey began with an idea following a conversation with a friend who was mutually fond of organic food. As time went by and I spent time looking at starting a food business, I was humbled by the independent and interdependent pieces of this puzzle we call a food system.  My concept seemed simple, but in order to assure my customers that the products I represent are reliable, safe and provide the health and nutrition that I invision, it's a journey, not a destination. 

Stopping to think about our food and how many touches are involved in the process is nothing short of amazing.  Did you ever think that the produce you pick up at the farmer's market needs to be priced to cover the cost of a greenhouse, seed-starting medium and flats, heat for a greenhouse and labor to continually watch them as the seeds germinate, organic fertilizer (which costs more than synthetic), labor again to plant, maintain and harvest and fuel for transportation to market.  I was shocked and saddened that I spent so little time thinking about what it takes to provide fresh food for me. 

The good news is that I do now know and I have great respect for the process.  I have an organic garden, not a farm, just a 400 square foot garden.  I spend hours just tending my own vegetables.  I sometimes think back to what "a day in the life" was like for my grandparents or even for today's farmers. 

The definition of a mosaic is the assemblage of small pieces that create a pattern or picture.  Our food system can be healthy, safe and a viable business for regional and local farmers, if we broaden our focus to see the big picture and how each small piece is necessary and important.