Meadow Creek Organics is a new business, but I've come to realize it has been a part of me from childhood. 

My passion for good, healthy food comes from growing up in West Virginia in a small town where nearly everyone grew their own food.  I know now that it was because of the economics of growing our own food, but at the time it was just what we did.  A large garden, fruit and nut trees, and a grape arbor, all were just how we did life.  I love to look back and see all the evidence that point to today.  My favorite toy was not dolls, but a farm set that had a garden, animals, fences and little bales of hay.  My dad even built a special table for me to "work on my farm" whenever I wanted.  I would spend hours wandering through the garden, picking up things that fell off the vine, mixing them together and making pretend "pies" out of them, sitting in the sun to bake. 

Spending summers on my grandparents' farms was always an adventure (and a lot of hard work).  I can't say I appreciated the experience at the time, but I do appreciate the 24/7 lifestyle choice of farming and what it means today.  Choices of vacation spots, pictures on my walls and many other subtle things are reminders that someday I would return to the farm, in some way. 

The name, Meadow Creek, is not an actual place but a picture in my mind of the view I had while sitting on my grandmother's side porch, shelling peas and looking out over the farm.  Great memories of hard work, commitment and living sustainably, well before it was trendy!