I'm not a big New Year's Eve person, but I AM a big New Year, fresh-start, improve-on-the- previous-year person. It's that benchmark in the year that reminds us that we can make positive changes, although requiring some attention and intention, but well within reach.

So, I started the year with my seed catalogues in hand, dreaming and planning my next organic garden season and what new, healthy thing I can add to my list.

This year, it's fermentation. It's been around for centuries, but finally getting a lot of great attention because of the health benefits. With the encouragement of a friend (or more like holding me accountable for something I've said I would do many times and hadn't done as yet), I started my first batch of sauerkraut yesterday. I invested about an hour of time on a cold, wintery day, then two months of fermenting and voila, my own sauerkraut. Seriously, that wasn't hard! With my Kindle App on my iPad close by, I virtually leafed through my fermentation book, making mental notes of the "next" thing I want to try.

Here's to a new year, continued new information about how we can make healthy food choices for ourselves and our families and to appreciating the wisdom of those who knew for hundreds of years that the more we slow down and are intentional about the food we eat, the more benefits we'll reap. Happy, Healthy New Year!