For everything there is a season. We've all heard that before. Nothing seemed more clear than all these months waiting for the bank to get back to me about funding to finish my warehouse so we could get Meadow Creek Organics going. I had spent the last six months talking with farmers and rounding up all the various items that I need in order to be licensed as a wholesale/distributor in the State of Pennsylvania.

Each conversation would create more and more excitement in me that the dream of helping people gain more access to healthy, local food would come true. Trusted friends would encourage and support, but yet we seemed to still be far away. One day, it hit me. There is no true "season" in the banking industry. Although the farmers were coming out of their "time off" or winter planning season, we quickly came to the busy spring planting season, a time when farmers plan the extent of their crop, the varieties and how much. Remaining true to my word to the farmers was crucial to me, so I took another route and found funding another way for Meadow Creek. Luckily, I'm always ready and willing to find a Plan B, C, D or E. Now, we can complete the finishing touches on the warehouse, load in the refrigeration and bring the farm fresh food to Central Pa residents and businesses.