This year, I wanted to see how (or if) Thanksgiving would be different if I were to be intentional about where our traditional meal came from. Although I knew the meal itself would not vary too far from what we had always prepared, I did want to source as much as possible from the Meadow Creek Organics Farm Partners as I could. It took some extra time and required more than my usual dropping by the grocery store to gather food items for Thanksgiving meal. The highlight for me was actually talking with the families who have dedicated their lives to providing healthy, sustainable produce, meat and dairy for our community. Thanks to Farm Partner, Pecan Meadow Farms for amazing Narragansette turkeys. It was fascinating to see the difference between these lean, free range turkeys and what I've always known as Thanksgiving turkey from the grocery store. The meat was delicious and again required me to be intentional about preparing it, rather than just doing what I've always done. Afterwards, cooking off the bones for broth, the difference was startling as I went to take the fat off the top to freeze the broth and found only a paperthin layer. I'm used to about 1/2 inch thick layer of fat. Obviously, these turkeys didn't just stand in a coop all day eating grain and becoming too fat to stand on their own. They were fit and trim! The dairy came from Farm Partner, The Family Cow, with their amazing milk from grass-fed Jersey cows and Trickling Springs Farm butter (made from The Family Cow milk). We had vegetables from Farm Partner, Landisdale Farms, with delicious sweet potatoes, romanesco cauliflower and kale (just to make kale chips for my southern relatives who never tried them before), and enjoyed organic applesauce and amazingly delicious organic apple cider from Farm Partner, Oyler's Organic Farms. The organic applesauce was so creamy and tasted just like it came right off the tree that morning. The apple cider was delightful either cold or warmed with a few cinnamon sticks.

So, this Thanksgiving I am intentional about thanking the people in my life who mean so much, as well as being intentional about my own health and wellness, thanks to knowing exactly where my Thanksgiving meal came from. I traded the boxes and frozen turkeys for fields and pastures. Thanks Pecan Meadow, Landisdale Farm, The Family Cow, Trickling Springs and Oyler's Organic Farms for your committment to better food for all of us!